Shop Bot Pro = eCommerce Relevance + Intelligence

Present the most RELEVANT products, services and content to your customers with our AI-powered search tools.

Provide 24/7 support that INTELLIGENTLY answers questions about your business with our AI virtual site assistant.
Shop Bot Pro AI Tools
  • Shop Bot Pro dramatically increases the power and accuracy of your current search.
  • Shop Bot Pro AI-powered search tools work with any website or online store.
  • Shop Bot Pro automatically accounts for misspelled and ambiguous search queries.
  • Shop Bot Pro works with both natural language searches and exact matches for SKUs.
  • Configure, customize and install your AI tools. No programming experience required.

Shop Bot Pro is the complete AI-optimized search solution for all your content!

Try Shop Bot Pro AI tools for 7 days.
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AI Powered Online Store Search For Small Businesses

Add Your Own Content
For Customer Searches

Shop Bot Pro adds your site pages, products, PDFs, Word Docs, Excel Docs and even specified external URLS such as Amazon Product Listings, eBay Listings, Social Media Posts and more.

If your site has a sitemap file, you can automatically add your content with one click.

You can also manually add your site's content URLs, add external URLS or import CSV content lists through your account manager.
Ai Data Indexing With OpenAI For Online Stores

Indexing & Search

Shop Bot Pro automatically indexes all your added content for fast and accurate search responses.

Unlike basic site keyword searches, Shop Bot Pro provides natural language searches and Q and A responses based on your own content.

Shop Bot Pro automatically accounts for misspellings, typos and similar words for searches and questions.
AI Optimized Site Search Solution For Small Business

AI Optimized
Site Content Results

Shop Bot Pro returns the most relevant results to your online store and site searches... GUARANTEED.

The information and links that are returned by Shop Bot Pro are automatically curated and sorted based on advanced AI algorithms so you always see the most relevant resources first.

Shop Bot Pro even includes a complete AI generated summary of the top result.
AI Chat Bot Solution

24/7 Virtual
Site Assistant

Your site visitors can ask your virtual site assistant questions about your content and Shop Bot Pro returns answers about your business in a concise, summarized and professional format ... anytime.

You can also provide your customers the option to chat live with a representative  (if enabled and someone is available) by integrating your current live-chat system seamlessly into Shop Bot directly from your control panel.
Don't miss out on potential sales because your search returns incorrect or irrelevant results.


SMall Business Site

$5/ Monthly
$48/ Annual 
(Save 20%)
  • 1500 Sessions Per Month
  • 5000 URLS of Indexed Content

BAsic Ecommerce

$15/ Monthly
$144/ Annual
(Save 20%)
  • 5000 Sessions Per Month
  • 15,000 URLS of Indexed Content

LITE Traffic ecommerce

$25/ Monthly
$240/ Annual 
(Save 20%)
  • 15,000 Sessions Per Month
  • 50,000 URLS of Indexed Content

Medium Traffic ecommerce

$40/ Monthly
$384/ Annual 
(Save 20%)
  • 45,000 Sessions Per Month
  • 175,000 URLS of Indexed Content

HIgh Traffic Ecommerce

$65 / Monthly
$624/ Annual
(Save 20%)
  • 150,000 Sessions Per Month
  • 750,000 URLS of Indexed Content

If you have usage requirements above the high-traffic plan, please contact us for a custom pricing quote.


Will Shop Bot Pro work with my site or ecommerce system?

Yes. Shop Bot Pro works with any website and any ecommerce platform.

Shop Bot Pro's AI site tools are installed as a simple JS script tags and can be used with custom site designs, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Wix, etc. If you don't know how to install a third party JavaScript reference (script) file on your site, simply contact support and we will walk you through it or we can install it for you.

Why is Shop Bot Pro better than my current search?

Simply stated, Shop Bot Pro is smarter than your current search and understands the actual intent behind your customer's query.

Shop Bot Pro seamlessly integrates the simplicity of keyword-based searches with the power of AI-driven semantic search. 

With Shop Bot Pro, users receive highly relevant results, even if they misspell their search or submit ambiguous or incomplete search queries. 

Shop Bot Pro works for both websites and online stores, delivering hyper-precise search outcomes and adeptly responding to inquiries about your site and business through our virtual site assistant tool. 

All Shop Bot Pro tools operate indepedently so you can install only the specific tools or tools that best match your content requirements. 

Our most popular tool is the Shop Bot Pro Live Search add-on which transforms your existing keyword search bar into a super-charged, real-time search system without affecting your current search system and with NO custom programming. 

Embrace the future of AI search technology and elevate your site's user experience by installing Shop Bot Pro today.

Can I use the "Small Business Plan" if I have an online store?

Yes, the small business plan works with any business type or size including online stores. 

Each plan is structured based on the number of monthly AI tool interactions by site users (sessions) and the name of the plan is provided for descriptive purposes only. 

Online stores with low site traffic or a limited number of items, which would reduce the amount of searches or questions using the AI tools, can sign up for either the small business or basic ecommerce plan. 

You can also upgrade your plan later if you discover you need additional sessions to handle the number of users interacting with your installed AI site tools. We provide a grace period and your account will not be shut off if you exceed your monthly sessions quote. 

Please see the FAQ below titled "What if I go over my monthly session quota?" for more informtion.

Do I have to use all the AI tools on my site?

Every Shop Bot Pro tool is optional. 

All of the Shop Bot Pro AI site tools operate independently, and you are not required to use any specific tool. You can install whichever tool or tools that best suit your specific search and content requirements. (Our most popular stand-alone AI tool is the Live Search Add-On.) In addition to the currently available AI tools, we will also be adding more ecommerce-specific tools in the coming months and your subscription includes access to those new tools as well!

Can I use Shop Bot Pro with multiple websites?

Yes, there is no set limit on the number of sites that you can use with your Shop Bot Pro account. 

You are only limited to the number of sessions in your plan but those sessions can be used on multiple installations (websites and/or online stores). (You are also limited by the total number of allowed (indexed) content URLs but it is very unlikely that users will reach their URL limit even when using Shop Bot Pro on multiple sites.)

Note regarding segmenting search content: If you are using Shop Bot Pro on multiple sites, you simply create different search profiles in your control panel for each site and then each individual site will only search and return the data (indexed URL's content) that is assigned to that specific profile. You are assigned a unique API key for each site (search profile) that you create in the Shop Bot Pro control panel.

What is a Shop Bot Pro session?

A session is when a site visitor directly interacts with one of your installed AI site tools.

The unique instance (session) covers all interactions with that specific customer (site visitor) for their duration of the visit including all content searches / recommendations, questions and answers, chat dialogs and virtual assistant conversations.

Shop Bot Pro pricing is based on the number of unique visitors that use the Shop Bot Tools on your site during the billing period. (Along with the total number of URL content resources that are added to your account which you can search with the AI tools.)

With our simple and transparent pricing, you don't need to worry if specific customers might engage your site assistant excessively nor do you need to track the amount of data that is going back and forth from the AI engine. (You can still track all usage of your tools with your Shop Bot Pro control panel to give insights on ROI, conversions and usage patterns to fine-tune your generated results).

A session is only counted against your quota if the site visitor interacts with the Shop Bot tool in some method. 

Simply opening the Shop Bot Pro Chat Window or viewing a search page does not count as a instance (unique session). If you have an existing keyword search on your site that loads it's own results page, searches using that method do not count against your quota unless you have activated the Shop Bot Live Search  feature on your existing keyword search field (form) and recommended results are displayed while the user is typing their traditional keyword search query.  The live search add-on is included with all plans but not active on the site unless you specifically integrate that feature into your current keyword search function (form). (Note: Direct API Calls for content management do not count against your monthly quota. Only customer interactions are considered a valid session).

What if I go over my monthly session quota?

We will send you an alert when you are within 15% of your monthly quota and again at 5%. 

Monthly Plans: If you are on a monthly Shop Bot Pro plan, you can choose to upgrade your account to the next usage level (plan type) in which case your billing date will be adjusted to the date you make that change.  (Any leftover session credits will be applied to your new plan.) You can upgrade or downgrade your account level anytime based on your site traffic requirements. However, please note that every time you change your billing plan,  your current plan will be canceled and the new plan will be billed at that time.

Once you reach your session quote, you have a 7 day grace period before you will be required to upgrade your plan as long as your usage remains within 10% over your quota. After 10% or 7 days (whichever comes first), your account will be throttled and you will need to upgrade to the next level for that pay period for full usage. If an account is throttled, your customers may see a message that their request could not be completed. However, they will never see any message related to your account or billing status.

Annual plans: If you are on an annual Shop Bot Pro plan, you will be provided a grace period for up to 30 days as long as the overage remains in the next higher plan level.

Example: If you are on an annual Small Business Plan and you exceed your plan quota, we will automatically apply the usage quotes for the next plan level (Basic eCommerce) for the remainder of the monthly quota period. At the beginning of the next month's quota, we will automatically revert your levels back to your paid plan.  Important: if you exceed your enrolled plan quota two consecutive monthly periods in a row, you will need to upgrade your plan to the next billing level. In that situation, you would simply need to pay the difference between your current plan and the next higher usage plan.


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