Shop Bot Pro AI Powered Virtual Site Assistant For Small Businesses & Online Stores

Offer your customers a 24/7 virtual support solution to prevent missed sales opportunities resulting from their inability to find resources or obtain answers to their questions.

The Shop Bot Pro AI-driven website assistant provides concise and professional responses to inquiries about your services and products around the clock.

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Automatically add your site data using our simply-to-use content indexer & configure the Shop Bot Pro Virtual Assistant's appearance to match your branding.

AI Support Chat and Search Solution

Easily add the Shop Bot Pro AI-powered assistant to your website using the widget code provided in your control panel. Shop Bot Pro works with any website or online store.

AI Chat Bot

The Shop Bot Pro AI virtual support tool is available 24/7 to help your customers find the correct products and answer questions about your business.

Virtual AI Powered Support Chat System

Shop Bot Pro is designed to seamlessly integrate with any website, providing a comprehensive customer service solution for small businesses dedicated to offering customers a convenient and user-friendly way to find their desired resources at any time.

When a customer asks a question, Shop Bot Pro returns the top 5 resources on your site (pages or products) as well as a summary answer to their inquiry.

ChatGPT Answers and AI Optimized Chat

The customer can choose to go directly to the most relevant resource on your site or they can request additional help and information.

AI site help solution
The AI-curated content searched and returned from Shop Bot Pro is specific to your business ONLY.

 Shop Bot Pro will never return information about your competitors or links to third party websites. Unless you specifically add an external URL to your indexed content list, such as a social media post or an Amazon product listing, only your own site pages and products will be included in your secure AI data-set.

Shop Bot Pro also integrates seemlessly with most 3rd-party live chat systems so you can keep your existing live chat setup but also use the powerful Shop Bot Pro AI tools on your site.