Shop Bot Pro Pricing | Usage Plans

SMall Business Site

$5/ Monthly
$48/ Annual 
(Save 20%)
  • 1500 Sessions Per Month
  • 5000 URLS of Indexed Content

BAsic Ecommerce

$15/ Monthly
$144/ Annual
(Save 20%)
  • 5000 Sessions Per Month
  • 15,000 URLS of Indexed Content

LITE Traffic ecommerce

$25/ Monthly
$240/ Annual 
(Save 20%)
  • 15,000 Sessions Per Month
  • 50,000 URLS of Indexed Content

Medium Traffic ecommerce

$40/ Monthly
$384/ Annual 
(Save 20%)
  • 45,000 Sessions Per Month
  • 175,000 URLS of Indexed Content

HIgh Traffic Ecommerce

$65 / Monthly
$624/ Annual
(Save 20%)
  • 150,000 Sessions Per Month
  • 750,000 URLS of Indexed Content


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SESSIONS PER MONTH: A Shop Bot Pro session is when a site visitor interacts wiith the AI tools that are installed on your site.  Shop Bot Pro sessions are only counted against your quota if a user actively engages with one of the AI Tools such as a live search, embedded search or virtual site assistant. The Shop Bot Pro user's session lasts their entire visit (not per tool). You will NOT be debited for every site visitor. Only visitors that engage the AI tools directly will count as an a valid Shop Bot Pro usage session. 

URLS (INDEXED CONTENT):  A Shop Bot Pro URL is a unique resource that you add to be included in your Shop Bot Pro searchs and/or AI virtual support chats. Only content that you add through your control panel (or via the API) will be included in your URL's quota. You are not required to add your entire site content. However, we provide a very generous amount of URLs in each plan so most sites will not reach their URL limit even when adding all their site pages, documents and/or online store products. 

If you have usage requirements above the high-traffic plan, please contact us for a custom pricing quote.

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