Shop Bot Pro AI Powered Live Search

The Shop Bot Pro Live Search tool super-charges your current keyword based search form by adding an AI-powered drop-down list below your search field that displays the most accurate content links in real-time. 
Shop Bot Pro Live Search surpasses both the default keyword search and any existing live search functionality in all platforms including WordPress | WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Site Store Pro, Shopify, and Wix by delivering the most relevant content, even for misspelled searches. 


Shop Bot Pro Live Search can be instantly added to any site search form with no programming.

Shop Bot Pro's Live Search goes beyond conventional site keyword searches. 

Shop Bot Pro's AI Live Search utilizes a powerful combination of full-text and exact match lookups along with AI-driven, semantic comparisons to your content. This innovative approach ensures the most accurate, relevance-sorted, results list is generated as the user types their query into your search form.
Shop Bot Pro Live Search generated results greatly exceed the accuracy of any standard, full-text site search for both natural language and exact-word based queries.
With Shop Bot Pro Live Search, customers on your site will experience drastically improved search accuracy without having to replace your existing site search system. Shop Bot Pro Live Search instantly upgrades your current search form.

Upgrade your search form with AI-powered accuracy for as low as $5 per month.

Shop Bot Pro Works on any website.

Shop Bot Pro Live Search works with any website or online store and can be installed in minutes. Completely customizable with no programming.

Shop Bot Pro's Live Search can be added to any website or online store with any custom programming and provides instant, AI-optimized search results as the user type's into your existing search form.
Shop Bot Pro has enterprise-class search features.

Shop Bot Pro's AI-Powered Live Search is a game-changer for small business. Shop Bot Pro provides enterprise-class search at a fraction of the cost.

Utilizing advanced, AI-powered semantic search technology, Shop Bot Pro ensures that customers receive the most accurate results, even if they misspell their search words.
  • Upgrade Your Site Search With AI POWER

    Shop Bot Pro upgrades your site's antiquated, keyword-only search to include real-time, hyper-accurate results.

In addition to Live Search functionality, do you need a complete site search solution, want to include AI-optimized search results along-side your current results list or need a high-performance, zero maintenance, search solution for your knowledge base or help documents?


 Check out the Shop Bot Pro Embedded AI Search Results Tool.