Shop Bot Pro Embedded Search

Elevate the search capabilities of your site with Shop Bot Pro's embedded, AI-optimized results.

Shop Bot Pro embedded search works on any website and only returns results based on your content.

Shop Bot Pro AI powered search returns the most relevant resource links for web pages, Word Documents, PDFs and more... even if the user misspells their search or provides a vague or incomplete search query.
The intro video below demonstrates some of the features of the Embedded Search and uses the site keyword search and embedded KB documents search from this website ( as examples. Please note that your specific embeddded search display would be loaded directly inside a page on your website and your display and results would not contain our logo or any indentifying information about Shop Bot Pro.
Shop Bot Pro's AI-powered search results ensure that your customers find the correct products or resources even when your primary search returns zero results.

The embedded search returns your content only and there is NO branding, watermarks, copyright information or links to Shop Bot Pro. 


The customer never leaves your site and the display is seemlessly embedded inside your page. The results display can also be completely customized directly from your control-panel to exactly match your site theme.


Upgrade your site, online store or knowledge-base search with AI-optimized results for as low as $5 per month.



Test-drive an example embedded search below:

The example below has the live search featured turned to provide both real-time results plus a list of results is shown if the search form is submitted. The live search feature can be turned off/on with any embedded search form however and is not required.
Shop Bot Pro Works on any website.

Shop Bot Pro's embedded search solution seamlessly complements your existing keyword or category-based search system by delivering the most relevant content links on your site.

Shop Bot Pro has enterprise-class search features.

Shop Bot Pro's Embedded Search can also be used as a stand-alone, high-performance search for your knowledge base documents with fast, hyper-accurate results.

  • Upgrade Your Site Search With AI POWER
    Shop Bot Pro Embedded Search Results can function either as your main site search system, a content-specific search solution for KB articles or it can complement your existing search platform by delivering concise AI-optimized results that are positioned above, below, or alongside your current display of search listings..

By combining the Shop Bot Pro embedded search solution with our Live Search Add-On, you can create a comprehensive and exceptionally dynamic search experience, guaranteeing your users quick access to relevant and accurate information and ultimately boosting their satisfaction with your business. 

Check out the stand-alone Shop Bot Pro Live Search Add-On For Real-time AI-Powered Results.