Shop By Pro Refund & Cancellation Policy

Shop Bot Pro will automatically refund the current monthly fee on the following pro-rated schedule for cancelled monthly subscription plans. 
  • 1-7 Days of Usage :  100% Monthly Fee Refunded
  • 8-14 Usage Days   :    50%  Monthly Fee Refunded
  • 15-21 Usage Days :    25%  Monthly Fee Refunded
  • Over 21 Days Of Usage In Current Monthly Billing Cycle:  No Refund
We do not offer a full refund of the monthly fee past 7 days since we incur provider charges for both the AI generated content and  the storage and retrieval of the AI indexed content on our servers whenever your account is processing data requests. 
We allow the 7 day grace period every month (billing cycle) so if you sign up for a trial and then sign up for a paid plan, you are actually receiving 14 days of free usage.


If you cancel your monthly usage plan, your Shop Bot Pro subscription will be terminated and you will not be billed the following month or any months thereafter.

For annual plans, we offer a prorated refund based on the amount of time elapsed since your sign up date. If you cancel an annual plan, we will issue a prorated refund based on the number of previous months that you used the plan based on the corresponding monthly rate. Example:  if you were on a annual small business plan for 4 months and canceled, you would receive a refund in the amount of $52.00 [ $72 - (4 months x $5.00 mo rate) = $20.00 monthly usage.]
We offer a free 7-day trial to test-drive the application on your own site prior to signing up for either a monthly or yearly plan.
Please note that you can pause your plan anytime and your billing will simply resume when you reactivate it.  

For monthly, plan holders, if you pause your plan, it will stop the next pay cycle from billing and your Shop Bot data indexing and AI requests will be put on hold. You will need to reactivate your plan prior to your next billing cycle if you want to process requests during that next cycle period.

For annual plan holders, if you pause your plan, it will simply extend your annual renewal date forward by the number of days your plan was paused.  

Important, if you cancel (delete) your account instead of pausing it, you can not reactivate it and you will need to sign up again for a new account and you will lose any index fine-tuning, display customization and usage logs. 

Canceled account data will be flushed from our systems within 72 hours of the cancelation request.