What is Shop Bot Pro?

SHOP BOT PRO is a suite of integrated, A.I. POWERED, site search enhancements and ecommerce support tools that return your most relevant products and services during searches and virtual site assitant conversations.

Shop Bot Pro's search tools, optimized with AI, can operate as a valuable supplement to your current site keyword search, function independently as a hyper-accurate, stand-alone search solution, or be effortlessly integrated for a combined search experience.

Shop Bot Pro can intelligently search both your entire site or segments of your content such as your online store or knowledge based documents. 

Shop Bot Pro also provides a 24/7 virtual site assistant that answers questions about your business and returns information about the products or services that best match the visitor's intentions. 

How Shop Bot Pro Works

Shop Bot Tools integrate seamlessly into your existing site and each feature operates independently so you can simply install the tool or tools that best match your specific customer experience optimization requirements.

Shop Bot Pro's Live Search add-on is installed as a JavaScript widget that attaches itself to your existing keyword search form field to provide real-time, AI-optimized live search results as the customer types. Your existing search results page is not affected since the AI powered results are generated before the customer submits their search.

If you don't have a site search or need a more powerful site search solution, Shop Bot Pro's Enhanced AI Search system can replace your current site search and includes both the live search feature plus a AI powered search results list on a site page that you specifiy. 
You can also include the Shop Bot Pro Embedded Search Results Widget on your existing search results page and it will generate an AI-optimized search summary list above or below your current results display. The Embedded Search Results Solution is a powerful enhancement to sites that already have a search system but want to provide natural-language and semantic search capabilities to increase the customer experience in finding the correct site resources.

Shop Bot Pro's Virtual Business Assistant operates as a customer initiated popup window (similar to a live chat window) where the user can ask the system questions and it returns the most accurate results in a relavance-sorted list alongside a concise, professional, AI generated summary answer to their inquiry.  If turned on by the site administrator, Shop Bot Pro also integrates with most 3rd party live chat tools to allow seemless switching between virtual and live chat sessions.

Why do I need Shop Bot Pro for my website or online store?

Shop Bot Pro is essential for your business, as it prevents the daily loss of potential customers who can't locate what they desire on your website or online store.

Many site visitors will quickly abandon your site if they are forced to drill-down through menus or scroll through inaccurate keyword-based search results when trying to find a specific product.

Imagine if your website could intuitively understand customer intentions, promptly showing them the most pertinent information and then direct them to the correct resources, all without any interaction from company employees?

Shop Bot Pro's Live Search Add-On, Embedded AI-Optimized Search Results and Virtual Business Assistant tools were developed to give your customers fast, relevant and accurate information even when their search query is ambiguous or includes misspelled words.


What is AI as it relates to improving my online business?

Failing to harness the power of AI for your online business means you risk falling behind your competitors.

In addition to using tools such as ChatGPT to automate site content and copy generation, AI should also be used to enhance the customer experience on your site.  Specifically, Shop Bot Pro AI can be used to help customers understand and locate the services and products that you offer.

This enhanced customer experience is accomplished by using natural language and semantic search technologies. Natural language searches were previously only available to large corporations that spent 10s or 100s of thousands per month on their search infrastructure to populate, fine-tune and manage their search accuracy.

However, with the advances and public availability of large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-3 & GPT-4 by OpenAI,  LaMDA by Google and LLaMA by Meta AI, the technology that was previously only reserved for very large companies, can now be used by small businesses for a fraction of the cost through the use of AI.

How does Shop Bot Pro leverage AI to help my customers?

Shop Bot Pro analyzes all your site and product content and, using AI, returns the most relevant matches to a customer's searches and questions.

Shop Bot Pro crawls through your content and provides intelligent associations between your content and what your customers may be asking.

Using the LLM datasets mentioned above, Shop Bot Pro compares your content with the intention and meaning of your customer's inquiry,  and based on AI language model data and advanced data algorithms,  returns the most relevant matches.

Whether your content is product pages, service pages, general business information pages or external resources such as social media posts that you have included as references, Shop Bot Pro gives your customers a powerful tool to quickly, easily and most importantly, accurately, locate the correct content.

What is the difference between Shop Bot Pro and ChatGPT?

Although Shop Bot Pro and ChatGPT use some of the same base technology to return information to the user who is asking it questions, Shop Bot Pro is focused exclusively on your site and/or online store content.

Unlike ChatGPT or Bing AI that returns results based on the entire Internet and other data sources, Shop Bot Pro will not return responses or recommendations for any other companies’ products or services.

All responses returned from Shop Bot Pro are based on information you provide and optimized specifically for your company data only. 

Shop Bot Pro also includes proprietary search enhancements that make it much more accurate than a simple LLM vector based search solution. Shop Bot Pro includes mulitple LLM vector searches plus full-text and exact match searches that run concurrently and are then analyzed in real-time to return the most relevant information.

Shop Bot Pro is the ONLY AI-based search solution that uses our patent-pending advanced search algorithms to ensure the most accurate and relevant results everytime.

Do I need to manually “train” Shop Bot Pro to work with my website or online store data?

The AI language models that Shop Bot Pro uses to processes your site’s search and customer chats/questions are extremely intelligent and we have included proprietary algorithms and technology to increase the accuracy of the returned AI responses.

Most sites will be able to use Shop Bot Pro's automatic content ingestion and indexing and will not require any fine-tuning of their search data. 

However, you can fine tune your content by cleaning/optimizing the auto-ingested content, inserting additional relevant content into a specific resources' index record as well as using the Rest API for automated integration into your website CMS or eCommerce platform.